Your Captain on Shore
Captain and Instructor in the Beautiful BVI since 1992.
American Sailing Association and Canadian Yachting Association Certified Instructor in '92.
Owner / Operator of the charter company rated "BEST" by .
Your Contact 24/7 for the entire charter (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Free).
Weathered 5 Hurricanes (Luis, Marilyn, George, Bertha, and Lenny) and never lost a boat.
And We Beat Cat 5 Irma !!!
Bachelor of Arts Degree in '88 (Philosophy & History) from the U of Alberta, Canada
Traveled around the World twice between '83 to '85
(Mt. Fuji, Great Wall, Trans Siberian, across the Sahara to Timbuctou,
Paris to Istanbul to Tehran to Delhi to Kathmandu by land, Everest Base Camp, ...)