Your Captain on Shore
Captain and Instructor in the Beautiful BVI since 1992.
American Sailing Association and Canadian Yachting Association Certified Instructor in '92.
Owner / Operator of the charter company rated "BEST" by .
Your Contact 24/7 for the entire charter (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Free).
Weathered 5 Hurricanes (Luis, Marilyn, George, Bertha, and Lenny) and never lost a boat.
And We Beat Cat 5 Irma !!! 
Bachelor of Arts Degree in '88 (Philosophy & History) from the U of Alberta, Canada
Traveled around the World twice between '83 to '85
(Mt. Fuji, Great Wall, Trans Siberian, across the� Sahara to Timbuctou,
�Paris to Istanbul to Tehran to Delhi to Kathmandu by land, Everest Base Camp, ...)