Ahoy !
            Here is an itinerary for you to consider. It is the route The Captains Compass recommends to all its guests and is based on many years of cruising experience.
           Sometimes, usually due to weather, this requires a change in the plan. Weather is our #1 variable. Getting in to a harbor early in the afternoon so we can get a comfortable spot, enjoy the water and beach and shore side attractions, and then a good night sleep, is usually the best way to help your charter go smoothly. Beyond that your Captain will try to make sure everybody has input on destinations and activities.
            First Day – Capt. Brent will be waiting for you at the Manuel Reef Marina at 11:00 AM with the refrigeration cold and the batteries hot. Hopefully we can load your yacht with all your gear and provisions and be under way by NOON.

            First Night - We recommend our first destination be a motor-sail to either The Bight on Norman Island - or - Great Harbor on Peter Island. Pick up a mooring ball or anchor in the Bight and then dingy over to the Caves for friendly fish and huge caves – or pick up a mooring ball in Great Harbor, Peter Island and snorkel the shore line.
            Second Day - Either Marina Cay or Trellis Bay. Motor-sailing on your second leg will give you a chance to build up some confidence within your crew and will give you a little extra control over the yacht for our first set of tacks and gibes. Marina Cay is the prettier of the two harbors but can be a little breezier, especially in the winter months. Marina Cay has the nearby Diamond Reef for very good snorkeling or there is very sheltered swimming off the island beach.
            Second Night - Both have good dining options, either 'Pussers' (moderately priced) at Marina Cay or 'The Loose Mongoose' (inexpensive) at Trellis Bay. Picking up a mooring ball on your every night  insures everyone gets a good night sleep.

            Third Day - We recommend the third day we get under way very early for a great 4 hour sail north to North Virgin Gorda Sound.
            Third Night - We recommend 2 nights in NVG Sound as there is spectacular snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and lots of shore side spots to explore and enjoy (Saba Rock, Bitter End, Biras Creek, and Leverick Bay). The east side of the NVG Sound has 2 very nice harbors. Biras Creek with 'The Fat Virgin' (inexpensive) or Saba Rock with 'Saba Rock' (moderate). For something quieter we could try Vixen Point.
            Fourth Day - There is great snorkeling on Eustacia Reef which can be reached by a 20 minute dingy ride beyond (east to north-east) of Saba Rock. Eustacia Reef has old cannons, an anchor, and a 1/2 mile of coral and fish and Capt. Brent can give you a guided snorkeling tour. Sometimes the beach at Vixen Point on Prickly Pear Is. is deserted and worth a visit. The resort The Bitter End has a beautiful beach, restaurants (moderate) and bars, a pool and provisioning, all of which are open to visiting sailors. There are many Scuba Dive options out of North Sound. We can get the water tanks topped off at Saba Rock, Bitter End, Biras Creek, or Leverick Bay and we can get good provisioning at the market at Leverick Bay. There are a few gift stores, bars, laundry, spas, etc. all in North Sound.
            Fourth Night - We can recommend a very quiet spot in Vixen Point or moor at Leverick Bay and The Restaurant (moderate).
            The Baths – Due to the unreliability of the mooring balls at The Baths and the prohibition against landing dinghies on the beach – I strongly recommend you pick up a mooring in Leverick Bay in North Sound and Taxi / Rental Car by land to The Baths. The trail through the Baths to Devil's Bay takes about a ˝ hour each way.
           Fifth Day - We recommend we head for Cooper Island for lunch on your 4th day. Cooper Island is the center of the scuba diving area in the BVI and as a result it is a very popular site. Unfortunately it has relatively few balls and it is unsafe to anchor. But some of the balls will become available just after lunch, which is the perfect time to arrive after a great 4 hr. broad reach from NVG Sound. Cooper Island has a beautiful beach with sheltered swimming and very good snorkeling at nearby Cistern Point. The fourth day is a good time to put on a fresh set of linens and towels (all included in the charter price). Sorry, No Anchoring.
            Fifth Night – Cooper Island has the best sunsets and a very nice (solar powered) restaurant, the 'Cooper Island Beach Club' (moderate).
             Sixth Day - Or, off to Salt Island to the Wreck Of The Rhone for a spectacular advanced snorkel and dive site with the 300'+ wreck laid open in 15' to 100' of water beneath you We recommend Jost Van Dyke as a destination on the sixth day. It is usually a beautiful sail down the channel and through the West End Cut to JVD.  Lunch at Great Harbor and a visit to Foxy's, or a hike over the hill to White Bay for a ‘Painkiller’. Sorry, White Bay is Off Limits for the Yacht.
           Sixth Night - If the weather is good we may want to spend the night in Great Bay. However, the holding in Great Harbor is terrible and if we're not sure about the anchors of those upwind of us, we’ll tack up to Little Harbor for the security of a mooring ball and the best local lobster in the islands at Harris's (moderate to expensive).
            Seventh Day - We recommend lunch at West End/Sopher's Hole on the 6th day. There is good provisioning at the Ample Hamper with lots of shops for gifts for friends and family back home, and good food at 'Pussers' (inexpensive) and 'The Jolly Roger' (inexpensive) and the opportunity to refill the water tanks. We recommend The Indians and the Caves on Norman Island on the last day. Lunch and fantastic snorkeling at the Indians and then into The Bight. We'll pick up a mooring ball or anchor and then dingy over to the Caves for friendly fish and huge caves you can swim right into.
            Seventh Night – Moored or anchored in the Bight of Norman Is. and onto drinks and then dinner on the famous 'Willy T' (moderate). A great place to celebrate your last night.
           Optional Day and Night - We recommend Cane Garden Bay on the North side of Tortola. Cane Garden Bay is one of the legendary beaches of the Caribbean, even Jimmy Buffet sings about CGB. It has a beautiful beach, good dinning at Quito’s (expensive) or Myetts (expensive) and the best local music on the island Wed. to Sat. at Quito ’s. We need to get into CGB before 2 PM to get a ball. Unfortunately, we must avoid CGB if there is a North Sea Swell running in the winter.
            Last Day – Up early and a relaxing sail back to Nanny Cay to refuel by 10:00 AM
Fair Winds.
Capt. Brent
Notes ...