Engine Hours 901.6 


Port Stern Corner

No Damage to Backstay Contact Point

No Damage to Stern rail, Cleat, Block, Water inlet, etc. 


Engine Exhaust

NO White or Blue or Black Smoke 


Starboard Stern Corner

No Damage to Backstay Contact 

No Damage to Cleat, Block, or Fuel inlet.


Autohelm Display

Responds to Change in Direction on Wheel

May be Working 


Starboard Chain Plates

No Damage or Cracking 


Electrical Board

Digital Meter Showing 14.0 Volts Charging

Digital Meter Showing  Fuel at 1/4

Digital Meter Showing Water Tank 1 at 1/2

All Breakers Working 


Port Chain Plates

No Damage or Cracking


Electronics Working

Marine VHF & Stereo & Air-Con Control 


Mast Base Plate

No Damage


Bow Chain Plate

No Damage or Cracking