Ahoy and Welocme,
   Here are a few links to help you locate The Captians Compass base of operations at the Manuel Reef Marina.
   Following the links is some advice on taxis and ferrys to and from the BVI.
- Google view of The Captains Compass base at Manuel Reef Marina
- Manuel Reef Marina Home Page
- View of Manuel Reef Marina
- Map of Tortola, BVI
To Manuel Reef Marina – 
    You have two choices for flying into this region.
    1 - The easiest but most expensive is to EIS (Beef Island, BVI). I'd recommend AA/AE to insure your luggage makes it in. If flying through SJU you may also want to consider one of the charter operations such as Cape Air or Air Sunshine. If your luggage is delayed they should send it to the marina in a taxi for free.
     Cape Air has a Discont Booklet that has 10 One way tikcets at about a 20% dicount!
     Once you arrive at EIS then Customs and Immigration and luggage will take about 1/2 hour. There will be multiple taxis waiting outside the airport. Ask fo Ritzel for 2-3 people or Douggie for 4+ people. Please negotiate the price before loading your luggage or getting into the taxi.The airport is connected to the main island of Tortola by a bridge and once on the ground it is a 45 min. taxi ride to the marina.
    The taxi should cost  $36 for 1 person,  $18 each for 2 people, and $15 each for 3 or more people (plus $1/bag) (Plus tip) to the Manuel Reef Marina.
    Taxi Rates -
    If you want to go grocery shopping later and need a taxi you may want to set up a reservation for pick up and drop off with the taxi driver.
    2 - The most popular is to STT (St. Thomas, USVI). Try Spirit airlines into STT.
    The last ferry to the BVI  from downtown Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St.Thomas, leaves at about 4 PM, so you need to be on the ground by 3 PM. There are also ferrys out of Red Hook at the East End of STT that leave about 5PM but the taxi takes 60 mins from the airport. There are also ferrys that leave Thurs-Sun evenings in the Winter months.
    Once you have your bags at the STT arrivals hall head for the Taxi dispatcher and ask for the Tortola Ferry Terminal. The ride costs about $12/person plus $1/bag and takes about 15 minutes.
     http://www.bviwelcome.com/ferries.html - These schedules are NOT reliable and you should call ahead!
    Catch which every ferry will be leaving first and I’d recommend a one way ticket as you don't know what will be the most convenient to return. The ferry is $30/person one way and takes at best about 1 hour. It can leave late and stop at Red Hook and therfore take up to 3 hrs. You will want to get off at West End, Tortola where you will clear BVI Customs and Immigration.
     Catch a taxi from West End to the Manuel Reef Marina at Sea Cow's Bay. If you would like a reliable taxi driver I can recommend Mr. George at 1.284.499.2656.
    The taxi should cost  $18 for 1 person, $12 each for 2 people, and $10 each for 3 or more people (plus $1/bag) (Plus tip) to the Manuel Reef Marina.
     I will be waiting for you at the yacht where your yacht will be on the dock with the refrigeration cold, the batteries hot, and full of fuel, water, and extra linens.
Departure from Manuel Reef Marina– 
    1 -The trip to EIS is the same time and cost from the Manuel Reef Marina as your arrival. There is a $20 airport departure tax. EIS can be very slow so plan on being in line 2 hrs. ahaed of time. Please be patient and friendly with the ticket agents and security staff.
    If you are really early you can wander over to Trellis bay for one last 'Painkiller'. There is a basic cafe at EIS with a very nice patio for one last cold beer and a nice little internet cafe with good lattes, internet access, and ice cold air conditioning.
    2 - A flight out of St. Thomas, (STT) requires you be at the airport no later than 2 hrs. ahead of time. The airport is not very efficient and you will need to re-clear US Customs and Immigration, so the time is warranted. Use a Red Cap to jump the line. The departure lounge is very basic and if you are not planning on buying food on the plane, you may want to plan on lunch before the airport. The ferry takes about 1.5 hrs. and the taxi in STT from the ferry terminal to the airport takes about 15 mins. and you should be in line at the airport before 2 hours before departue. TSA cuts off the boarding ticket process 30 mins before departure so do not be late. 
    If you want time for lunch in downtown Charlotte Amalie you will want to catch the earlier ferry.You can leave your bags at the ferry arrival terminal and walk for 30 mins. to get to downtown for lunch, then walk back to the ferry terminal to pick up your bags (no charge) and catch a taxi to the airport. It is the same travel time and cost as your arrival. 
    Either way the Captain will make sure you are back at the harbor to catch a taxi in time.
 Fair Winds,
Capt. Brent